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Petros Kokkalis

Profile and Mission

Established in 1998, the Kokkalis Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Athens, Greece. The Foundation honors the vision of Socrates Kokkalis, an international business leader in information technology and telecommunications, and his father Petros Kokkalis, an eminent surgeon and professor of medicine at the University of Athens. The Foundation serves the public good by promoting education and training, culture and social welfare, medical research and information technology, and athletics, both in Greece and abroad.

The central mission of the Kokkalis Foundation is the promotion of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Southeastern Europe through the development of public, cultural and scientific life in the region. Today Southeastern Europe possesses an historical opportunity to leverage its human capital and rich cultural heritage in order to develop a democratic polity, a new economy and a civic society that provide opportunities to all of its peoples.

Towards the attainment of these goals, the Foundation sponsors numerous initiatives in and relative to the region, including the organization of public fora and international conferences, the support of research, the development of human networks for the promotion of inter-ethnic understanding and regional cooperation, the promotion of effective democratic governance, the enhancement of the information society and the advancement of knowledge with an emphasis on public policy.