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The Greek State paid tribute to his memory by naming the street across from the Areteion University Hospital, in the center of Athens, in his honor.
Petros S. Kokkalis

Petros Kokkalis

Professor Petros Kokkalis was born in Livadia, Greece in 1896. He began his medical studies at the University of Athens and continued at the Universities of Zurich and Bern in Switzerland, obtaining his Medical Degree in 1917 and his Doctoral Degree in 1919.

For the next nine years he served next to renowned Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch in Munich. In 1926 he returned to Greece and in 1929 he was elected Assistant Professor of Medicine in the University of Athens. In 1930 he became Director of the City Clinic and from 1930 to 1935 he directed the Hospital Elpis. In 1935 he became a full Professor of Surgical Anatomy and began his tenure as the Scientific Director of the Third Surgery Clinic at Evangelismos Hospital, where he served until 1940. In parallel, he served as the Director of the surgical clinic at the Areteion University Hospital of Athens. He conducted pioneering work in surgery, especially in the areas of neurosurgery and cardiac and chest surgery, and was the author of a two-volume surgery textbook.

Professor Petros Kokkalis was dismissed from his positions in 1942 due to his refusal to cooperate with the Nazi occupation forces and was prosecuted for his participation in the National Resistance Movement. As a result, he temporarily left Athens, eventually retuning after the Liberation to establish a private practice. He departed to France for health reasons in 1947 and settled in East Germany in 1955. Initially he was appointed as the Director of the Experimental Cardiac Surgery Institute of the Berlin Academy. In 1957 he was elected Professor of Surgery at Humboldt University and elected a member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

Professor Kokkalis died in 1962 in Germany and his remains were repatriated and buried in Athens, according to his will.