Olympia Summer Seminars 2007-Olympia Summer Seminars 2007 - International participants address violent conflict and media policy

Fifty-six post-graduate students, researchers, and media professionals from as many as twenty countries participated in the Olympia Summer Seminars of the Kokkalis Foundation, held on July 1-July 15, 2007 in the city of Olympia, Greece.


Summer seminars of the Kokkalis Foundation in Ancient Olympia with Universities of the United States


Balkan Studies Seminars 2005 In Olympia

Balkan Studies Seminars 2004 In Olympia

The second annual Balkan Studies Seminars, held in Olympia, Greece and organized by the Kokkalis Foundation in collaboration with the University of Patras, the University of Macedonia and the Interscientific and Intercultural Center of Olympia, were a resounding success.

Empires in European History and the Future of Europe

The Academy of European History at the European University Institute, founded in 2002, aims to provide a forum for the discussion of European history among two groups of young professionals, drawn from across Europe: professors at the pre-University level and journalists.

Politics and culture in Southeastern Europe

Inspired by the classical legacy, the aim of the Balkan Studies Seminars is to study the modern world and to promote cross-cultural understanding through historical and philosophical investigations of European and Mediterranean cultures.

The 2003 Harvard Summer School

The 2003 Harvard Olympia Summer School was a four-week intensive course in comparative cultural studies conducted by Harvard Professors Marc Shell and Gregory Nagy and a group of distinguished junior faculty.
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A three-day interactive course for senior executives focusing on communicating effectively through traditional media, the Internet and social media.