Ricardo Hausmann

Product Diversification and Exports - Hausmann's recipee for Greece's Economic Growth

Greece needs to accumulate productive capabilities by making new products where it can have a competitive advantage, and increase its exports, Hausmann stated. Hausmann's research shows that first rich countries don't specialize, they diversify, and second, the more countries export the more they grow.


A Financial Greek Tragedy and a European Farce: the Crisis of the Eurozone in Historical Perspective


Athens Forum 2008-Joseph Nye Addresses Leadership and American Foreign Policy

"We need visionary leadership to move toward political globalization"-Fareed Zakaria

A Muslim raised in poverty-ridden India in the 1960’s, the editor of Newsweek International, PBS news host, and ABC News political analyst Fareed Zakaria is considered today as one of the most important persons of our times.

The Future of the Western Balkans - Lecture in Athens by H.E. Boris Tadic

Serbian President Boris Tadic addressed geopolitical developments and the future of the Western Balkans at a lecture organized yesterday by the Kokkalis Foundation.

The Possibilities of a Past - Thessaloniki 1430-1950: 2005 Forum lecture features great historian Mark Mazower

On the occasion of the publication of his latest Salonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews, 1430-1950, the Kokkalis Foundation hosted the great historian and Columbia university professor Mark Mazower for a visit and lecture held in Salonica on June 15.

European Integration and the Challenge of Democracy in the E.U.

"The European Union is not yet a traditional democratic society in the way that we use the term today, but a democracy under construction. It is still incomplete, but this is the very nature of democracy itself", stated the President of the European University Institute in Florence, Professor Yves Mény.
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